At this time, we are unable to offer Telemedicine appointments to any patients that reside outside the state of Virginia.  This is due to each individual state having their own mandates and regulations regarding telemedicine.  In person appointments are still available for out of state residents.

LSFP is happy to announce the availability of TEXT messaging for scheduling SICK appointments at our LANSDOWNE and BROADLANDS facilities.  Instead of calling in and waiting on hold, just send a text to 703-724-7530 (Lansdowne) or 571-252-7353 (Broadlands) during normal business hours.  Please include the patient's name, DOB and reason for the visit in your text message.  This pilot program service is available during regular business hours and should not be used for life threatening medical emergency situations or requests for anything other than a sick visit at this time.  


If you become ill with signs of cold, flu or Covid just prior to an upcoming appointment for your routine visit or physical appointment, please call ahead of time so we can make other arrangements to accomodate you safely.  We are trying to avoid having sick and well patients occupy our waiting rooms at the same time.  It is our duty to prevent the spread of illness, especially to our vulnerable immunocompromised, elderly and pediatric patients.