FIRST TIME VISITORS: Please bring prior medical records, immunization records, all medication bottles including vitamins and supplements and ID verification that includes your current address as well as your insurance cards.

PHYSICAL APPOINTMENTS FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN: Bring all necessary forms you need us to complete, immunization records (don't assume we have them all!), all medication bottles including vitamins and supplements, a valid ID showing current address and your current insurance card. If you need to fast for blood work, you are allowed to have water and you can take your daily medications.

ALL OTHER APPOINTMENT TYPES: Verify with the appointment staff if you need to be in a fasting state for your appointment. For fasting appointments, you may drink water and you may take your daily scheduled medications. If you have any forms the provider needs to sign, bring them with you. Bring a list of questions you would like to cover with your provider. If you need prescription refills, advise the nurse at the time of your visit. Don't forget your ID and your insurance card.